expand your field of vision

you've never seen your data presented like this. wow.

Peakboard is the best all-in-one solution for illuminating and efficient data visualization. It lets your data and processes appear in a completely new light. Whether it’s andon boards, logistics dashboards or corporate digital signage – with Peakboard the visualization of processes, data, and key indicators on company displays is as easy as never before. As a result, Peakboard makes life better for every user. It brings completely new insights. It not only makes the data visible, it also illuminates the connections.

complicated is a thing of the past!

you have never seen a visualization solution
like this one before.

Gone are the days when the data had to be extracted, cached, cleaned and transformed in many steps from the source up to the visualization in order to be finally transmitted to the LED display. With Peakboard you can create the visualization of processes, data, and indicators on all conceivable displays in no time at all. Without any installation effort. Without any programming skills. But with illuminating results.

digital workplace

enlighten your workplace.

Peakboard equips every industrial workplace with its own intelligence and logic, so that your data appears in a completely new light. It links and visualizes data sources, closely gears communication between humans and machines to the respective tasks, creates efficiency and clarity, and standardizes processes. And that also reduces the error rate. Illuminating, right?!k

Peakboard Edge

the interface between input and output devices with a direct connection and the provision of digital data.

When you connect the Peakboard Box with Peakboard Edge, you can also input or output the information you need via external devices, such as switches, barcode scanners, and signal lights. Simple communication at the speed of light.

which source is the right one? all of them!

we are sitting right at every source.

Peakboard “fetches” the data directly from the source and visualizes it on the large screen. To do this, the visualization solution provides all the necessary components to aggregate the data from a wide range of sources (e.g. ERP systems) and visualize it in real time. Without any installation effort. Without needing a central server. All of the Peakboard technology is in a small aluminum box – a combination of hardware and software.

Peakboard Hub

central management of your Peakboard Boxes.

With Peakboard Hub, you can simply manage and overview all your Peakboard Boxes from one centralized location. Peakboard Hub is your communication hub with your Peakboard Boxes as well as between Peakboard Boxes and external devices.

Peakboard connects

data connections in a bright overview.

From data formats such as JSON and XML, databases and SAP to social media and all the way to machinery, conveyor systems, and sensor information such as Siemens S7 and OPC UA. With Peakboard a wide variety of data can be easily connected and visualized in real time. Here is a bright overview of the data connections that are currently possible.

do you want to buy a box or upgrade an already purchased box? or do you still have questions? then please get in touch with our sales department at sales@peakboard.com.

compare Peakboard models

find the right
Peakboard Box for you.

Peakboard can be used in companies with the widest variety of requirements. This is why we offer Peakboard in four versions to provide our customers with products that are tailored the best to their requirements and usage behavior.

just get started!
real-time visualization in 4 steps.

step 1

become a designer
with Peakboard.

Launch Peakboard Designer on your PC and
build a customized, dynamic visualization
that is directly coupled to your inventory management,
SPS or other source system.

step 2

connect and immediately
gain access.

Simply connect the Peakboard Box with an HDMI cable to a monitor of any size – be it a 7-inch display or a stadium monitor. The data connection runs over a cable or WiFi.

step 3

transfer the visualization.

Connect the Peakboard Designer to your Peakboard Box and transfer the visualization to your screen. With everything that comes along: data, images, videos, charts, and logic.

step 4

it's looking good.

Peakboard plays the prepared visualization on the monitor, informs employees, optimizes processes, and impresses customers – without central servers, without a cloud, without workarounds. It is completely self-sufficient.

download now and test it for free

get creative.
with the Peakboard Designer.

it's looking good for you

with Peakboard you
become a designer.

Whether transmitting ERP data from SAP, retrieving PDF documents from the cloud or displaying sensor data on a dashboard – the Peakboard Designer has all the necessary features to very easily create a wide range of different visualizations.

this is how it looks

Peakboard Designer

Use Peakboard to create a wide range of visualizations in the most illuminatingly simple way. The Peakboard Designer has all the necessary features on board.

Launch the Peakboard Designer on your PC and build customized, dynamic visualizations that are directly coupled to your inventory management, SPS or other source system.

You can find free templates in the Template Portal. Simply download the Peakboard Designer for free and get started with the tutorial on our help site!